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Published on July 19th, 2015 | by bitcoin


VC Firms Betting Big on Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Out of these many investment firms, however, clear leaders have emerged whose investment deals and ideals have influenced the wider ecosystem.

Khosla Ventures, described by TechCrunch as a “mega VC firm”, Menlo Park-based Khosla Ventures recently raised $400m to fund its next batch of seed investments, some of which could end up being devoted to bitcoin or blockchain firms.

Khosla has been relatively quiet in the public regarding its stance on bitcoin, the blockchain and if its investment thesis favors one or the other.
However, Lightspeed moved most decisively in October 2014 backing a $30.5m funding round for bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain.

To date, USV has made investments in only three bitcoin and blockchain companies – bitcoin services firm Coinbase, decentralized commerce network OpenBazaar and open-source identity protocol OneName.

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