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Published on July 10th, 2018 | by bitcoin


Augur Introduces Decentralized Prediction Marketplace

Augur Introduces Decentralized Prediction MarketplaceThe platform becomes the “world’s first” decentralized prediction-market platform.
A key differentiator for Augur is its global and decentralized nature.
This also allows the platform to create a higher level of liquidity and volume, as well as a diversity of topics not typically covered by traditional prediction markets.
Beyond trading, Augur also solves a key problem by moving “real world information” onto Ethereum’s blockchain in a secure manner where results can’t be altered.
Don’t miss the Fireside Chat at Distributed 2018 in San Francisco on Friday, July 20, when Augur co-founders Joey Krug and Jeremy Gardner will discuss Augur’s journey, as well as the importance of prediction markets.


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