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Published on September 15th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Big Banks Want Bitcoin Destroyed Before it Destroys Them

Recent negative statements by big banks, and governmental crackdown on digital currencies and ICOs can be seen as fightbacks by these institutions to the growing popularity of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin always has had the potential to be a new currency free of control by big banks and governments, but as adoption has spread, the threat has become real.
Limiting its potential
It should not be seen as surprising that banks, such as JP Morgan, are spilling vitriol and rhetoric about Bitcoin being a ‘fraud’ Bitcoin reaching mass adoption and succeeding spells the end for big banks and traditional financial institutions.
There has even been talk about how Bitcoin is the most crowded trade, indicating that traditional trading is clearly taking a hit.
With a digital currency like Bitcoin, lending is decentralized, or peer to peer, and as a result, lending may continue, allowing money to reach those who need it.”


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