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Published on June 10th, 2018 | by bitcoin


Bitcoin Cost Check: Value Drops by Almost $1,000

Bitcoin Cost Check: Value Drops by Almost $1,000At press time, the price of bitcoin has fallen dramatically, and the currency is now trading for just over $ 6,700.
Now, with the price slashed so deeply before our eyes, most traders have no choice but to lower their expectations, and hope the currency reaches the $ 7,000 range once again.
The CFTC is requesting trading data from all four exchanges to determine if manipulative bitcoin futures trading is potentially causing changes in the bitcoin price.
According to the CME in Chicago, these exchanges work to determine the price of bitcoin futures, which have been available for purchase since December of last year.
Thus, it is necessary to have accurate data regarding an asset’s price, and price manipulation can render any future’s effects invalid.


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