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Published on August 17th, 2015 | by bitcoin


Bitcoin is a seemless part of the digital age

Bitcoin is a seemless part of the digital ageCEO of Fidor Bank of Germany, Matthias Kröner in an interview with IBTimes has opened up on the Bitcoin, the regulations pertaining to Bitcoin, and also the lackadaisical attitude of politicians in his country that he is facing and also highlighted the importance of the cryptocurrency.
Hailing the Bitcoin as the “natural part of digital lifestyle” he vowed that his bank will open up in UK this year.
But he added that his words have failed to convince the authorities on Bitcoin.
This year Fidor Bank has also cemented a partnership with the German Bitcoin exchange which will provide what is being called the “Bitcoin express” to its users.
Bitcoin express is an instantaneous service which will provide the customers with €100,000 deposit insurance on the transactions by virtue of being once removed from a regular and a regulated bank account.


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