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Published on July 25th, 2015 | by bitcoin


Bitcoin Replaces the Bag of Bills For Ransom

Bitcoin Faucets

Criminals like the Bitcoin because it can be held in a digital wallet that does not have to be registered with any government or financial authority — and because it can be easily exchanged for real money.

“The criminal underground very much likes Bitcoin,” said Curt Wilson, a senior threat intelligence analyst at Arbor Networks. “It’s enabled a greater sense of obfuscation.”

When one of the men, Hal Finney, refused to submit, the assailant called the local police and reported a murder at Mr. Finney’s home, resulting in a SWAT team taking over the home, the family has said. The other victim, Roger Ver, threw off his attacker by offering a Bitcoin bounty of roughly $20,000 for his attacker’s arrest.

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