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Published on May 29th, 2017 | by bitcoin



LocalBitcoins set a new all-time trading high of $45.7 mln last week as Bitcoin almost hit $3,000.

Unlike previous records, the latest high was the result of a broad trend across all LocalBitcoins markets as traders rushed to cash in on Bitcoin’s steep climb.

Depending upon the country, LocalBitcoins traders will have faced rates of over $3,000 per coin or even higher.

Last week, Cointelegraph reported that in South Korea, even official exchanges were quoting up to $4,500 for one Bitcoin.
— (@LocalBitcoins) May 28, 2017
US resource Bitsquare likewise posted significant results last week, the $93,400 worth of trading constituting the fledgling service’s second best period on record.


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