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Published on August 24th, 2015 | by bitcoin


Bitfinex Outage Prompts Bitcoin Price Slump

Bitfinex Outage Prompts Bitcoin Price SlumpThe price of bitcoin slumped again today after Bitfinex closed its order book, citing issues with its post-trade processing.
The Hong Kong-based exchange, which witnessed a ‘flash crash’ just last week, halted trading for a seven-hour period this morning.
The Bitfinex price promptly fell a further 3.8% when it reopened at 12:31pm UTC.
Last week’s flash crash at Bitfinex saw the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index fall 14% to a four-month low of $214.03.
Besides Bitfinex, a bitcoin market maker told CoinDesk the slump could also be due to the uncertainty around Bitcoin XT – the contentious client aiming to ‘fork’ bitcoin.


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