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“Ecosystem-Wide, Universal” Dapp Store announced by Blockstack.

“Ecosystem-Wide, Universal” Dapp Store announced by Blockstack.Blockstack Public Benefit Corporation (Blockstack PBC) has released the first “ecosystem-wide, universal” Dapp Store with over 150 Dapps on launch.
According to the announcement, the Blockstack Dapp Store is “a discovery tool for decentralized apps built on Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem, and more … serving as an aggregator of usable Dapps for gaming, social networking, productivity, and financial services.”
The store features decentralized counterparts to many popular applications, such as Stealthy for WhatsApp, DTube for YouTube, Peepeth for Twitter, and Graphite for Google Docs.
The store is nicely arranged, clearly showing the category that the Dapp is part of as well as the blockchain protocol it supports, such as Ethereum or Steem.
According to their announcement, Blockstack uses the following criteria to evaluate if an app is in fact a Dapp:

Do customers own their network identity?
Blockstack PBC will initially curate and maintain the Dapp Store, but have plans to eventually implement user ratings for ranking Dapps across the ecosystem as it gains wider acceptance.

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