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Published on June 8th, 2018 | by bitcoin


Get notifications for the price of Bitcoin

Get notifications for the price of BitcoinCryptocurrency Alerts

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price provided by coinMarketCap and you can read how the site works here Donations:
BTC: 1arLrtwdAt1Jz2mv6EpaYuzCwiLQfTZ88
BAT: 0x00BF926550769a3c69F7B9D5e4314a10CE3c49f5
ETH: 0x00BF926550769a3c69F7B9D5e4314a10CE3c49f5
LTC: lM5JY8kenjrXEDhmwnbk4u3363iQ9dNFU5

Input the price you want bitcoin to reach
Click “save price” button
Allow web notificaions by clicking “allow” when it pops up in the the top left corner
Go do something else online
Get alerted when bitcoin hits your saved price
Act on information from alert… buy, sell, trade
Change saved price


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