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Published on September 4th, 2015 | by bitcoin


Government Project approved for Connecticut Non-profit

Government Project approved for Connecticut Non-profitThe Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) has partnered with blockchain startup Tierion for a trial that will find government survey data secured on the bitcoin blockchain.
As such, he saw the opportunity in a partnership with Tierion for his organization to learn about unfamiliar emerging innovations.
Challenging Factom
Vaughn suggested his interest in bitcoin and the blockchain began in 2013, when he decided to build his first bitcoin miner and began trading the digital currency.
The blockchain will only store records of the data not records directly, a function Vaughn said would be completed using Microsoft’s enterprise cloud computing platform Azure.
“There are lots of companies that make legal claims, accounting software, those companies are not clamoring to integrate the blockchain,” Vaughn said.


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