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Published on July 12th, 2018 | by bitcoin


ICO Scams! More Than Three-Quarters

ICO Scams! More Than Three-QuartersWhether that state of affairs will change is an open question, and Satis Group outlines a number of advantages in ethereum’s corner as it stands today.
Scams prevalent
Yet for all of the growth around these crypto-assets, the report also came to a troubling conclusion: the vast majority of ICOs launched to date have proven to be fraudulent in nature.
Other researchers have looked at projects that failed to maintain traction in the months following their respective sales.
Yet in terms of the actual dollars that have gone into ICOs, Satis found that just 11 percent of funding went to those it identified as scams, or about $1.7 billion.
That figure actually drops to a minute 0.3 percent when you cut out the three biggest scams – Pincoi, Arisebank and Savedroid – that have been identified.

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