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Published on May 18th, 2017 | by bitcoin


International fight to be Bitcoin leader

The US Bitcoin exchange market briefly overtook Japan to become the largest Bitcoin exchange market in the world, amidst serious economic uncertainty.

“You want to have an alternative monetary system that is already ready to go and those actually exist today.
So, obviously, it seems we have passed the tipping point in Japan and now it’s suddenly completely “OK” to hop onto the crypto train and people started assuming it’s safe to invest in them because “everyone else is doing it”.”


At one of the lowest and sharpest declines of stock markets and assets, the US briefly became the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange market, obtaining a 30 percent market share over the global Bitcoin exchange market.
At the time of writing, Japan has already reclaimed its title but the US is maintaining its substantially high market share of 30 percent.

In the upcoming months, if the US market and economy struggle to recover, the Bitcoin market may see the US exchange market overtake Japan again in the near future.


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