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Published on April 19th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Is Blockhain Land Registry solving a non-existent problem?

In this light, one popular blockchain use case that has remained generally outside scrutiny has been land title projects started in countries including in Georgia, Sweden and the Ukraine.
However, those working on projects disagree, asserting that land registries could prove one of the first viable beachheads for blockchain.
Hedman told CoinDesk:
“As for the benefit of a blockchain-based land registry, look to Haiti.
Modern real estate
To understand the potential of a blockchain land registry system, analysts argue one must first understand how property changes hands.
“Land title issues are very complex by default due to different international standards,” Reiss said, adding:
“You throw in the nuances of post colonial-states and corruption, then you find that clearly a solution is needed, and the idea that blockchain land registries are nothing but a ‘solution seeking a problem’ is clearly removed from reality.”


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