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Published on October 11th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Jamaican Law Enforcement Targets Human Traffickers’ Bitcoin Wallets

As part of their strategy to attack the scourge of human trafficking, the Jamaican police are refining their activities to strike at those criminal who are seeking haven in Bitcoin and digital payments.
More and more human trafficking perpetrators are switching to digital currencies to help them burrow underground and receive payment for their illicit activities, but the police in Jamaica are on to them.
Big business in Jamaica
Unfortunately, the human traffic and sex slavery market is far larger than it should be, estimated to be worth around $150 bln.
Bitcoin transactions
The police also noted the new challenges that were emerging in the form of digital currencies as these criminals burrow underground to use seemingly anonymous coins like Bitcoin and others.
“They are asking for payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a new factor which creates problems for law enforcers,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry.

Source: Cointelegraph.com

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