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Published on August 29th, 2015 | by bitcoin


Ledgers Part 1: Distributed; Bitcoin is dead

Ledgers Part 1: Distributed; Bitcoin is deadI uttered the words “Bitcoin is Dead” at FintechStage in Barcelona a few months ago, see previous post here.
It is unclear whether a solution to incentivize miners for confirming transactions is being worked out sensibly in the Bitcoin marketplace today.
The below use cases listed below apply to the open/permissionless Bitcoin blockchain (I am purposefully not discussing permissioned ledgers nor am I discussing other Bitcoin-like permissionless blockchains) .
The sky may very well be the limit here and the financial services industry will be profoundly impacted by many different distributed ledger technologies in the near future – not by Bitcoin or just Bitcoin.
We recently submitted a term sheet to a Bitcoin remittance company and a Bitcoin B2B SME invoice payment company.

Source: Finiculture.com

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