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Published on February 14th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Media company locked out of paypal account.

Prohibited news

Later, it was discovered that PayPal locked the account of News Media Canada because the transaction contained the keyword “Syria.”

On PayPal, when an institution or an individual sends payment to each other, the transaction is considered a goods or services payment.

Initially, PayPal blocked the payment for 72 hours and promised the Reminder a response or a follow-up within three days.

When the Reminder contacted News Media Canada in regards to the failed payment, the News Media Canada team realized that PayPal blocked the incoming transaction from the Reminder and the actual account of News Media Canada, which meant that the PayPal account of News Media Canada wasn’t eligible to receive or send payments to anyone and withdraw balance from the account.

Regardless of the purpose of the payment, the PayPal team continued to lock the account of News Media Canada and demanded the media outlet to provide explicit details about the services it provides and the article.

It was only after a PayPal Canada spokeswoman sent an email to News Media Canada stating that the US Department of Treasury has regulations for sending payments to Syria when the account was restored.


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