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Published on October 13th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Popular cryptocurrency recently surpassed $5,000

This morning bitcoin shot past $5,000, and is now hovering around $5,300 — up nearly 10 percent from yesterday.
YTD chart of bitcoin
Interestingly, not all cryptocurrencies are following bitcoin’s lead today, which usually happens when the incumbent cryptocurrency experiences price fluctuations.
This milestone comes exactly two months after the cryptocurrency passed $4,000.
Ironically, this morning on the company’s earnings call, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon said he’s “not going to talk about bitcoin anymore.” This comes a month after his original comments calling bitcoin “a fraud,” which caused the price to drop 5 percent.
While it’s still unclear how much miner support this protocol change will have, it’s possible that we’ll soon see another bitcoin spin-off, just like Bitcoin Cash.

Source: Techcrunch.com

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