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Published on September 13th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Source Clarification needed for Bitcoin

If anyone tries to make a Bitcoin implementation using modern practices or languages that didn’t exist when Satoshi created Bitcoin, they will warn everyone that every other client better be “bug for bug” compatible with Bitcoin Core or else it isn’t the real Bitcoin.
By contrast, in Ethereum for example, there is a reference specification that all of the developers agree on.
Excerpt from Ethereum Yellow Paper EIP-150 ( Bitcoin, there is a Golang implementation, but again, Core developers will warn everyone that this can never truly be Bitcoin.
Myth 3: Bitcoin Core is a “reference implementation”Reality:Bitcoin Core is the reference implementation… except when it isn’t: On August 15 2010, it was discovered that … two addresses received 92.2 billion bitcoins each.
ConclusionIf Bitcoin Core is truly the best software written by the best developers, why don’t they give us a reference specification and allow everyone to compete on equal terms?


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