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Published on November 13th, 2017 | by bitcoin


Swedish Pirate Brings Humor to Bitcoin Cash Debate

Swedish Pirate Brings Humor to Bitcoin Cash DebateSwedish pirate Rick Falkvinge weighs-in on the broader debate with a parody for the ages in his OFFICIAL STATEMENT COMMUNIQUÉ OFFICIEL (Official).
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Bitcoin Cash CEO Issues Official Statement
Satire of the European variety is said to have begun second century with Juvenal, who used parody to expose those with whom he disagreed.
Mr. Falkvinge is perhaps best known as creator of Sweden’s The Pirate Party.
It just about sucks donkey balls.”
Rick Falkvinge Twisting the knife a bit, he writes, “Bitcoin Cash is a meta-organization composed ofmany different development teams.
They’re going to be joining Bitcoin Cash for their reasons, or they’re not going to be joining at all,” he demanded.

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