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Published on August 17th, 2015 | by bitcoin


Xapo Debit Cards Used to Pay 30% of KnC Miner Employees

This week, KnC Miner began offering each of its employees Xapo Debit Cards for salary payouts.
KnC Miner is a bitcoin mining company, and therefore, most of its employees already have their own selection of bitcoin wallets, cold storage solutions and investments.
The company decided to use Xapo Debit Cards for its convenience, since Xapo Debit Cards can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa.
Despite a long list of options, KnC Miner chose to work with Xapo due to its insured vault storage and convenient services.
Choosing Xapo was an easy choice as they were the first to offer a comprehensive set of services connected to a debit card, and there’s also the option of using their insured ‘vault,’ all easily accessible in their mobile app.”
The company offered all of its staff and employees Xapo Debit Cards, and those who accepted the offer are starting to have parts of their salaries paid through Xapo Debit Cards.

Source: Bitcoinmagazine.com

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