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Published on September 2nd, 2015 | by bitcoin


ZDNet: Bitcoin Developers Will Address Security, Scalability

ZDNet: Bitcoin Developers Will Address Security, ScalabilityBitcoin developers and contributors have released an open letter to the bitcoin community to share their action plan on reaching a consensus on improving bitcoin security and scalability.
“The bitcoin developer community is dedicated to the future of bitcoin, looks after the health of the network, strives for the highest standards of performance, and works to keep bitcoin secure on behalf of everyone,” said the letter.
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“We have worked on bitcoin scaling for years while safeguarding the network’s core features of decentralisation, security, and permissionless innovation.
“We’re committed to ensuring the largest possible number of users benefit from bitcoin, without eroding these fundamental values.”
According to the letter, bitcoin is a security-critical system with billions of dollars of users’ assets that a mistake could compromise.

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